Two Night Giveaway!


Hey folks, we are giving away two nights to our new cabin, Moss Rock!  Check it out at  To earn points, leave a blog post below about why off the grid cabins are the coolest!  You can also leave additional comments on why you love red river gorge, what your favorite activities are to do down there, etc.  Each blog post comment will get you 1 point.  A unique blog will get you 5 points!

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The Sheltowee Traveler

My husband and I recently had the privilege of staying at the lovely cabin pictured above, which is named the Sheltowee Traveler. From the very first night that we stayed there, it was breathtaking. There is no road access; so this could be good or bad in your opinion, but the caretakers can help you carry your belongings to the cabin. This cabin is not for the faint of heart.

The hike up the hill is not too bad if you are used to hiking. It may seem like a long climb but once you reach the cabin, you are rewarded with an amazing view and complete privacy. The cabin even has electricity: outdoor lights and interior lights, as well as a small ceiling fan.

The interior is decorated with charming old barn wood that is faded red. There is also a screened-in porch, as well as plenty of windows, which give you a fantastic view, even at night. The nights may be cold and rainy or crystal clear, but either way you can still see the sky fairly well. One particular night I woke up and the moon was right there peeking at me; bright and bold as the sun.

If you have not stayed here before or stayed at the Backcountry Shelter, my husband and I definitely recommend it. There is an element of peace here that you can only find in nature, and staying at the Sheltowee Traveler helped us to feel more at one with nature. It’s a chance to decompress and de-stress from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s a chance to catch up with yourself, your loved one, or both. It’s a chance to just breathe-and in the meantime, you can also rest your soul.

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